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. >>> the great escape. a michigan suspect manages to slip out of handcuffs and through a police cruiser's window. >>> a collision course. a bus driver tries to beat a train, causing a deadly wreck in a bus driver tries to beat a train, causing a deadly wreck in argentina. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. today we begin with a major gop victory. at a time when president obama can least afford it, republicans have scored an upset in a house race being called a referendum on the president's handling of the economy. last night retired media executive and political newcomer, bob turner, narrowly dwooed defeated david weprin according to the associated press. democrats outnumber republicans three to one in new york's ninth congressional district, which hasn't sent a republican to congress in nearly 90 years. turner replaces congressman anthony weiner, a seven-term democrat who resigned in the wake of a sexting scandal in june. in nevada, former republican state senator mark amodei coasted to a victory in a district that's never elected a democrat. >>> meanwhile
by the gentleman from new york, mr. reed, as the proponent and the gentleman from michigan, mr. levin, as the opponent. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york. mr. reed: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. reed: madam speaker, i also ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the subjectle of bill under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. . mr. reed: madam speaker, i am pleased to offer this resolution of disapproval of the request from the president of the united states to borrow an additional $1.5 trillion. dealing with this national debt is one of the primary reasons why i ran for congress. it is to stop the endless borrowing of washington, d.c., on the backs of our children and our grandchildren. i am also pleased to offer it in the house as a demonstration of a commitment to ending the decades' old borrow and spend practices and mentality that runs rampant here in washington. our national
at the time i became governor in michigan had some taxes that other states didn't. and we had a study done and one of the things it showed pretty clearly is that people were mobile. and we were losing people. and i think there's been some evidence lately in other states where tax increases have resulted in the relocation, the taxes on certain classes of people or income levels or whatever resulted actually in less revenue as they relocated residences to other states. my good oregon constituent is now a las vegas resident. apparently the legislature did a little tax changes in senator wyden's state. i think on the tax expenditure side we're kind of presenting unprecedented testimony today to say, look, let's put them all on the table but let's use them to achieve what, again, senator wyden mentioned, get that rate low. if you start losing these and i think the finance committee has got, you know -- we're counting you to be the champion to fight the poaching of these by other spenders or other interests around the congress who haven't studied the issue the way you have, but you've got to pro
mé telemundo.>>osé: con e unen nuestra primera pausa al regresar michigan lanza estrategia para nio besos en est . >>> y reír es buen para la salud ntrolar otras cosas >>> la adm obama reforzará la persecución extranjeros que se quedan permite sus visas. harán izando verificación computarizadosegúnr seguridad nacional su objetivo son representan una amenaza para el país. ya corte suprema del e su apelación. di luz verde al referéndum revocatorio para destituir su o. . billón richardson abandonó la habana, r acusó al régimen de l de haberra negociar sobre el caso. la cancillería cubanantió asegurando que este tema no esa mesa. detenido bajoones que conspiro ba al ré sta. cuan que hiz fuelle var equipos de comunicación para la comunidada. el gobierno lanza una para salvar corazones. entre ellos el suyo >>> esna responsabilidad diana. abilidad abarca l de reconocerme a mí com garcía habla con telemundo sobraontss, una exclusiva. > esta noche el vicepresidente lannua campaña mundial para crear son ci la formo con vanessa adelan. estoy en el er en pleno corazón de ne
critical of this solyndra deal. fred upton of michigan and cliff stearns of florida issued a joint statement yesterday. it read, quote, with taxpayers potentially on the hook for this half billion-dollar bust, it's time to sound the alarm about the remaining $10 billion in loan guarantees set to expire september 30." a quick timeline. it was back in september of 2009 that solyndra secured the loan guarantee of about half a billion dollars from the department of energy. in march of last year, the company's auditor had substantial doubt about solyndra's ability to continue. so red flag there. two months later president obama visited solyndra and touted it as the model for clean tech business. then in november, the company announced it would be laying off some workers in manufacturing consolidation. this past february there was a restructuring deal. the department of energy extended the loan guarantee from 7 to 10 years and then of course last month the company suddenly announced its shutdown laying off 1100 workers and went bankrupt. so it all happened very quickly. the top two exe
and a troubling sign for president obama. >>> the great escape. a michigan suspect manages to slip out of handcuffs and through a police cruiser's window. >>> a collision course. a bus driver tries to beat a train, causing a deadly wreck in argentina. hello and good morning. i'm vinita nair. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is fir"first look" on msnb. today we begin with a major gop victory. at a time when president obama can least afford it, republicans have scored an upset in a house race being called a referendum on the president's handling of the economy. last night retired media executive and political newcomer, bob turner, narrowly defeated david weprin, according to the associated press. democrats outnumber republicans three to one in new york's ninth congressional district, which hasn't sent a republican to congress in nearly 90 years. turner replaces congressman anthony weiner, a seven-term democrat who resigned in the wake of a sexting scandal in june. in nevada, former republican state senator mark amodei coasted to a victory in a district that's never elected
've been right there with michigan in how many manufacturing jobs we've lost. but what americans want is for jobs to be the top priority, to make the economy work and that means jobs for americans who want to work. >> let's talk a little bit about what's in the president's plan. we know closing loopholes is something he's talking about, raising taxes on the wealthiest, raising taxes on some hedge fund managers, as well. he has tried some of these ideas in the past with little to no success. what's difference this time around? >> well, it may not be different in that respect this time around. it may be republicans still refuse to bunch at all on anything that would increase taxes on the very richest americans. but the polls that you mentioned that shows americans are kapts c skeptical, what they're skeptical of is tax breaks do anything to help the economy. they can't see anything that's good that's come of it and they certainly don't think having more tax cuts for job creators really creates jobs. they think what does help, about if you want to improve unemployment, stop firing people
? michigan and south carolina. >>> and we can't escape the storms around our parts tonight. top? >> no, some good news though. frederick county now is cleared of the severe thunderstorm warning as is loudoun county. that said the storms are still to your west. a storm that's actually going to enter frederick county shortly. it's crossing the river right now right around harpers ferry. this has hail right in here to the north of 67 and to the north of harpers ferry. it's going to head between brunswick and jefferson in the next half an hour. it is moving to the east at about 14 miles per hour. so that is the severe storm. my hunch is they will have to put a severe thunderstorm warning back in seat for loudoun or for frederick county depending on where this tracks. due east, it will be back into frederick county and maryland. we'll zoom back it a little bit and we find other showers and storms that are heavy and pounded, i mean pounded along i- 81 corridor here. this storm is on the west side of i-81. around gerardstown and this has got hail in it as we. in fact if we zoom in. i'll tell you ex
the mainline is. you see that out in the illinois and up through michigan and that is a significant cold front that's going to drop us in to the 60s for highs. as we go into thursday, maybe not thursday but friday and saturday look like we will be down to the 60s when the cool air pushes all this warm air out of the way. you can see the numbers, st. louis, chicago down in the 50s. chance for rain slim, could see a little bit of rain on thursday, and looks like friday will be dry and sunny and cool. you will notice that drop in the temperatures, still watching maria south of bermuda. probably going to impact bermuda but not as a hurricane as we go to the next 24 hours. overnight 67, cloudy, muggy, few showers overnight. we will keep the chance for showers as we see mostly cloudy skies and cooler weather in the 70's but drop another ten degrees on friday. tomorrow night starting to feel that 47 degrees. that will be a crisp night and the seven day forecast again, the trend here for cool weather action friday, saturday, not a lot of rain in the outlook, it does appear that things will remain dry
of michigan. the book said she married her husband todd nine months later and repeats the allegations this she denied she had an affair with her husband's business partner in the mid- 90s. >>> coming up on the news edge. >> because of quick responses from an employee, a customer, a dispatcher, and some passengers, a life is saved in montgomery county. >> trying to call 911 while having a heart attack and not being able to speak. a combination of technology and some human intervention is hailed for saving a month groomery man's life in that same situation. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: part of the reason the man is alive today is the training and perhaps the intogether is of a 911 -- instinct of a 911 call taker. the public safety operator got an unusual 911 call on tuesday afternoon. >> hello, i need the like of the emergency. can you talk to me? >> reporter: sometimes people make joke calls to 9 ref and sometimes people accidentally dial their phone. and i think hear breathing and sounds, like muffled signs. like someone had accidentally called and from their pocket. >> were any words
the vote effort in lansing michigan could land one woman in jail. medical marijuana dispensary owner, shakina, pena allegedly gave free pot to customers who agreed to register to vote. michigan's attorney general claims penna encouraged them to vote for city council candidates who support medical marijuana laws and pena's facebook page was updated to say, quote, i stand for unity, i stand for patients, i stand for compliance, i stand for awareness, i stand for safe access and let's focus on the bigger picture here. and we told you about the candidate debate and focus on front runner, texas governor rick perry. his colleagues went oafter his stance on social security. >> governor rick perry was asailed by his republican competitors for his earlier criticisms of the program. >> governor, the term ponzi scheme scared seniors and number two, suggesting that social security should no longer be a federal program and return to the states unconstitutional. >> we're frightening the american people who just want solutions and this party isn't going to win in 2012 unless we get our act together
the years. >> should be fun at college football notre dame the papers this week against 15th ranked michigan state public losses to florida and south michigan. maybe what they will regret when the bowl invitations come out fourth quarter tommy rees gives lead if nortretre dame could hold on turnovers have killed them 10 first 2 games not killed confidence. batt but i think we have a chance to be a really good football team we are not i get that so, i did not see any need to make any drastic moves or changes we are going to continue to do what we have been doing and we have got to get our players and coaches to play better. >> tough game for them should be easier for northwestern on the road at army moving to 2-0 at the army gives up points by the truckload. burned them for six touchdowns in the opener they are a tricky team and pat fitzgerald will not undersold them in any phase of the game. discipline toughness is a county that are the presents triple option attack at double the defense schematically a challenge fundamentally a challenge physically and mentally challenged. going to have
away. the fire burning for nearly a month has scorched 100,000 acres. parts of wisconsin, michigan and illinois are shrouded in gray, smoggy haze. and people with respiratory problems are being urged to stay indoors. >>> wet on i-70, from columbus, indianapolis. i-75, from cincinnati to knoxville. and i-40, from nashville to oklahoma city. flooding on i-15, from l.a. to salt lake city. and i-10, 25 and 40 across the southwest. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in memphis, denver, salt lake city, las vegas and phoenix. >>> in other news this morning, an 8-year-old autistic boy has been found alive and well after running away from his school and spending more than 24 hours lost in the san bernadino mountains. >> he doesn't respond well to strangers. so, searchers had to play recordings of his father's voice and favorite music. rescuers say he immediately thanked them. >> we're in shock. he said thank you. >> he doesn't talk a whole lot. >> and then, he knew what to say. >> and we're so thankful and grateful for all the heroes behind us. >> joshua was air-lifted to
time criminal defense attorneys who work on michigan street. and if you get accused of a crime, those are the people you want to call. >> that's my approach. and they're both former public defenders, right? >> yes, they are. they are both former public defenders here in san francisco. without giving away too much of the story, there may be a return at some point to that particular office where they would, of course, be working for you. >> anytime. [laughing] there seems to be such a huge disconnect, you know, between what you see on tv and even what you read about. most of the tv shows like "law & order" you have a judge who's eminently fair, a prosecutor who is completely ethical, a defense attorney who doesn't show up half the time. these images really result -- i know this as a public defender, because the portrayals of public defenders are usually negative. why? i ask this to the entire panel. why is there such a disconnect between the reality of what really happens in our court and the way that many americans are force fed, really, this mythology? tony? >> i think in a corrupt so
are talking chile of not cold temperatures in northern michigan. the upper midwest only in the 40's. contrast that to 100 degrees and high pressure will deliver that cool fall air into our region. there will be some scattered showers. this does not look like heavy, widespread rain. kind of a cloudy day. the cloud stretching back to pittsburgh. occasional showers mailing your into the afternoon and it will clear out tomorrow. friday morning as chile. some areas may see temperatures in the 40's. a mix of clouds and sun breaking through. temperatures below normal. we start the downward trend tomorrow as the winds out of the northwest coast to 25 miles per hour. showers and a high of 71 to about 76. a small craft advisory on the open waters, maybe a 3 ft. chop out there. especially late in the day. it's significant front coming through. western maryland, some shelle stuff. highs in the 50's. friday morning, likely to be some frost in parts of western alleghany and garrard county. the french will deliver a false bill to western maryland. 75 -- a fall fieel to western maryland. 10 degrees cooler as
located at 5 05 north michigan avenue here in chicago ... the recipe is on our web siteúm03p7@d8[ú08@1>we're looking at that canadian coal their frontld air fronmt.. it will be chilly the next couple of days but it will warm up over the weekend with a chance of showers sunday into monday. we're looking at all of the cloud cover later in the week the wind will cost 20 mi. per hour or more overnight ... the wind will die down tomorrow night setting up frosty conditions ... temperatures will rebound on saturday we will be up to 70 degrees well into the '70s by sunday ... we will be getting a warm air mass c
by authorities in michigan on the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks simply because of her appearance, she says. shoshana who is half jewish was one of three people removed from a denver to detroit flight. the 35-year-old mother says they didn't know each other. >>> 20 hour insurgent attack in the heart of kabul ended this morning. afghan police killed six insurgents by the time it was over. they had taken over a building which was under construction so they could fire on a u.s. embassy and a nato compound. the assault which started tuesday, left seven afghans dead including four police officers and three civilians. no nato or u.s. embassy employees were hurt in the attack. >>> the families of two american hikers say they're overjoyed the men may soon be released from a tehran jail. an iranian court tuesday set bail at a half million dollars each for shane bauer and josh fattal. the two along with their friend, sara were arrested on spying charges. she was released on bail last year. >>> the u.s. government is beefing up its testing of e. coli in meat to prevent food borne illness. th
at the top of the hour for our north american viewers. >>> but, first, a handcuffed houdini leaves michigan police in disbelief. the scape artist when we return. met an old man at the top asked him if he had a secret and the old man stopped and thought and said: free 'cause that's how it ought to be my brother credit 'cause you'll need a loan for one thing or another score 'cause they break it down to one simple number that you can use dot to take a break because the name is kinda long com in honor of the internet that it's on put it all together at the end of the song it gives you freecreditscore-dot-com, and i'm gone... offer applies with enrollment in [♪...] >> male announcer: now, for a limited time, your companion flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply. >>> here's a look at this hour's "hot shots." in any pnepal, a crowd watches dance. in india customers haggle over vegetables to buy in the streets. in the united arab emirates, a man inspects a falcon, and a man leaps from a bungee, "hot shots" pictures coming in from around the worl
of the business roundtable, three term governor of michigan. mr. engler, governor engler was president and ceo of the national association of manufacturers. and edward kleinbard, chief of staff of the joint committee of taxation from 2007 to 2009. he has 20 years of experience practicing tax law in new york, and is currently a professor of law at the university of southern california. this is an extraordinary panel. thank you for honoring us with your presence. senator crapo? >> thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate your holding this hearing as well. i want to focus right at the outset on one of the early comments. that is any part of the important needed changes that we need to be making in america today with regard to economic and fiscal policy, tax reform, is one of the key pieces that we must not allow to be ignored. as you know, i've been working with a group of six, called again. i know that you've been working in other context. senator wyden as well, has to proposal of his own. but the one area of agreement that i think we have among us and among many others is that in addition to contr
on his win and why he believes it is a harbinger of things to come in 2012. the state of michigan wants doctors to keep track of your child's weight for records and research. the conoversy and the fallout over that plan. a millionaire's wife is shot five times in the face. he says he was trying to stop her from committing suicide, prosecutors say he is the killer. we'll go in-depth on this story and bring you the details behind the suspect's bizarre jailhouse danc in this video. >> diane is dead. >> oh, no. >> and it's not real pretty right now. and nobody knows about it but you. >> why? how did it happen? >> well, that's another story. but right now their mother is dead. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind and this kind. they wait for this all year long. [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp
and minnesota and northern michigan and into vermont, new hampshire, and maine. they've been seeing that the last couple of nights. this morning we've got a clear sky. the sky is flooded with moon light rather than an aurora. right now it's clear at reagan national. temperatures at 69. it's just a rather humid this morning. there might be a little light fog in some of the rural areas, and we've got a light southwesterly breeze. now, the view from space over the last 12 hours showing one decreasing line of thunder showers. pennsylvania now that's gone. we've got a clear sky here across virginia, maryland, the district, and west virginia. weather watchers reporting bright moonlight all around from the eastern shore into the mountains. way out here in the midwest, you're watching in hd, you can see this. we've got showers and thunder showers coming into illinois and indiana. that's ahead of a cool front that will be arriving here later this evening. right now it's a pleasant morning this september morning. temperatures now are down near 60 in fairfax and montgomery and prince george's
's the man, okay? he has a license to carry a gun. >> right. >> what state is this? >> michigan. >> benson harbor. >> robber goes in. it's on videotape. >> right. >> okay. tries to shoot at this man, the pharmacist, okay? the pharmacist then shoots at the robber. doesn't hit him though, right? >> nobody is hurt. >> to nobody is hurt. and walgreens fires the pharmacist. >> for carrying the gun. >> what is this? >> for carrying the gun. they said you didn't tell us about this concealed gun. by the way, he got the gun in 2007, after an attempted armed robbery at the same walgreens. >> so walgreens is saying you didn't tell us you had a permit to carry. >> you are out that way. >> but there's also a walgreen policy, i understand, that you don't escalate, right? >> he's saying he was fired and that's why there's a federal lawsuit that he got the attorneys to file for him because he violated, supposedly, the nonescalation policy. but the video clearly shows he did not escalate. >> you are trying to shoot him but the robber's gun misfires. >> he has to standstill and be a human target. >> we all
than any state scepter california and michigan. we are working to -- create an environment where we are open for business, where recollections make sense. where our taxes are low where we begin to train people for jobs that exist. >> sean: you are not going to raid gibson guitar in your state? >> i was an used by people in kentucky of wanting to steal their jobs. guess what? they are right. i'm going everywhere i can in america to make ohio work better. >> sean: these numbers are frightening. 46.2 million americans in poverty. >> unbelievable. one out of every children in poverty in my state. >> sean: child poverty rose to 22% in country. 22% of kids live in poverty. you go through these numbers. african-american unemployment, teenage unemployment nearly 50%. what has barack obama done? >> take dodd-frank this bill on bank regulation. 5,000 new regulations coming out. talking about raising taxes, busting the budget. what businesses do, remember i was in business for 10 years. they say we don't understand the regulations that are coming. we don' understand where the taxes are going t
vacation in michigan and we were getting 36 miles a gallon. i felt pretty good about it. i was bragging to my friends about it. now i'm bragging on the senate floor. it can be done. we can create more fuel-efficient vehicles. we didn't compromise anything, and we bought america. i think that's what we need to encourage in this country. cars and creating jobs in this country, reducing the need for energy from being imported from overseas and reducing the pollution that unfortunately hinders our environment and our health. i think that's a good thing. so on the senator's first point, sure, more energy at home but put it in perspective. that isn't the answer to america's economic needs. the second point he says is eliminate certain regulations. that that could be true. there are regulations now that don't make any sefnlts get rid of them. i'm not sure this is a big ball and chain being dragged around by our economy, but there's no sense in wasting time or money on regulations that really don't serve a good public purpose mp the final point he said, i couldn't agree more -- tax reform. we l
michigan, across the midwest and in the south? >> well, the same things were asked of the republicans when we won a special election in one of the most republican districts in the united states in upstate new york, look, the fact of the matter is that they stole one from us in downstate new york and it's not the end of the world for us just as we stole one from them in upstate new york and it wasn't the end of the world for them. special elections are not predictive, john. let me give you one statistic in 2006 we lost every single competitive special election and democrats won the house of representatives. in 2010, we won every single competitive special election and we lost control of the house of the representatives. they are moments in time. they are not predictive of trends. >> you don't think this means anything, then, just one loss even though democrats have held this seat for 90 years? >> look, it was a tough loss. you know, i wish we had won. i'm not going to minimize it. i'm not going to sugarcoat it -- >> but what happened? >> it was a loss based on a confluence of events, a perf
to the lowest level on record. number four, michigan to begin tracking the height and weight of kids under age 18. the governor there says it's to help fight childhood obesity. number three, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg muck 200 passengers evacuated ago plane at dulles airport in virginia. he had to slide down at her age an escape route chute right on to the tarmac. number two, a republican winning a special election to replace the new york congressman anthony weiner in a democratic upset. number one the lawyer for two american hikers held in iran says is he working to secure their freedom. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1959, the soviet space probe luna 2 became the first man major object ever to land on the moon. it was still in the early days of the space race, and the russians already had several victories under their russian belts. first satellite into space. the first lunar fly by. but putting a guy on the moon was the ultimate objective. and luna 2 seriously upped the ante. it was also a major propaganda victory. science was still at the corps. i
and will be terminated. there are cities in michigan -- oh, shut up. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, firing those air traffic controllers, i'm pro union, was what sent the word to moscow this guy was real. >> yeah. >> i absolutely know that as a fact. it got over there. they said, he has steel in his spine, look out. i think when i met reagan one time, i was working for speaker o'neill and weren't exactly in friendly territory. i felt i was meeting jimmy cagney, not jimmy stewart. i think that jimmy cagney, don't touch the gutter, little tough guy from the street, you've got it. it's what people like in the fighter they got on their side. >> if you look at opening of the debate last night when they paraded the seven dwarves and the candidates come out. perry's body -- literally his chest is stuck out. he's like this. he's ready for a fight. i just think republicans, they don't -- the mitt romney, doesn't matter what he says. romney did a great job last night. romney tries to fight, it's like when obama tries to fight. it's not who he is. once again, who is the one republican president of the last
and how it represented its finances to the government. republicans fred upton of michigan and cliff stearns of florida issued this joint statement yesterday: "with taxpayers potentially on the hook for this half billion- dollar bust, it's time to sound the alarm about the remaining $10 billion in loan guarantees set to expire september 30." here's a quick timeline now. back in september 2009, solyndra secured this loan guarantee from the department of energy. in march last year, the company's auditor pricewaterhousecoopers said it had quote substantial doubt about solyndra's ability to continue. just two months later though president obama visited solyndra touting it as the model for clean tech business. this past february, though, there was a restructuring of the deal with the department of energy and then last month the company suddenly announced its shutdown, laying off 1100 workers and filing for bankruptcy. so a lot going on here. you know, the top two executives here the ceo and the cfo of solyndra were invited to be in front of the panel this morning but said they could not
an energy and commerce sub-committee. republican fred upton of michigan chairs the full committee. >> in this time of record debt, i question whether the government is qualified to act as a venture capitalist, picking winners and losers in speculative ventures and shelling out billions of taxpayer dollars to keep them afloat. >> suarez: a top official at the energy department jonathan silver said the green tech loan program is about more than just solyndra. >> this isn't picking winners and losers; it's helping ensure that we have winners here at all. we invented this technology and we should produce it here. the question is whether we are willing to take on this challenge or whether we will simply cede leadership in this vital sector to other nations and watch as tens of thousands of jobs are created overseas. >> suarez: but a report in today's "washington post" added fuel to the fire. it said internal e-mails from the office and management and budget showed concerns that the loans were granted too quickly. in one, an unidentified aide wrote: republican steve scalise of louisiana
. and many trips to pennsylvania and michigan. states that will be vital. where he tries to hit that sweet spot between policy, his jobs package that he's trying to push, and politics. the mexico he's trying to win 14 months hence. >> mike viqueira, asev, a brilliant dissection. thank you for joining us. >>> coming up, enhanced -- soifrl just before that, and be sure to tune in tonight for the ed show where my colleague ed schultz will take his driving program to a place badly in need. toledo, ohio. that's starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >>> coming up, enhanced interrogation, mr. cheney? not so fast. we're joined by a former fbi agent who danced with al qaeda and says it doesn't work. [ male announcer ] where exactly is your road to happiness? ♪ on a beach? on a mountain? or wherever you happen to be... the first step on that road may well be... a bowl of soup. delicious campbell's soups fill you with vegetable nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. putting you on the road to happiness. bon voyage. campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do. h
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